I agree with Nick…

I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the race he just lost — but Gorham is dead-on about the need for consolidation of services. (Though not the towns themselves.) And Nick probably would’ve been wise to have held some focus groups before deciding on the name Westconnaug.

Gorham feels vindicated

He is not coming back to the House in January, but House Minority Whip Nicholas Gorham is still making noise.

The Coventry Republican was defeated by Democratic newcomer Scott M. Pollard, who campaigned against Gorham’s oddball plan to merge five communities and part of a sixth to form a super-town called Westconnaug.

At an unrelated economic forum hosted by Governor Carcieri last week, stakeholders from business executives to labor leaders agreed that consolidating municipal services would be a good way to save Rhode Island some much needed cash.

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes this morning [when I read the] story about consolidating municipal services,” Gorham declared in a fiery e-mail to Political Scene. “Great idea, and exactly one of the reasons I lost! I was relentlessly attacked by my opponent and others… I tried desperately to explain we were just trying to have a discussion about consolidating municipal government services…but the tide had already turned against me.”

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