No sooner had Nikola Tesla invented the oscillator than Mrs. T. had an idea of her own.  This 1890 vibrator can be seen on display in the window of a new store (Mister Sister) on Wickenden Street (where the old Miko used to be).

3 thoughts on “Eureeeeeka!”

  1. Frymaster, she’s referring to the most recent former location of Miko on Wickenden St. which was only Miko a matter of months ago.

  2. If memory serves (er…memory of what I read somewhere, not memory of what things were like in the Victorian era), vibrators were originally intended as treatment for “the vapors”. That they were sexually pleasurable was an unfortunate and unavoidable side-effect. Of course, since the vapors were in large part symptoms of massive sexual repression, the side-effect was the cure, but hey.

  3. “…where the old Miko used to be” That’s, like, 6 or 7 years ago they left there, Beth. Giving directions based on where something used to be is the ultimate Rhode Island-ism. Give yourself a gold star 😉

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