You’re swimming in it


Save the Bay will be holding a fundraiser Saturday night to honor the Narragansett Bay Commission for the aforementioned tunnel project.  Drinks, food, lame music.. you know the drill.  I’m assuming they will have pictures of the project on display because it really is quite stupendous. It’s amazing to think that this enormous engineering project has been going on below our feet this whole time. November 15, Sharpe Bldg. at the Foundry, cheapest ticket is $75. Or skip the bash and just send Save the Bay some money. (Correction: The music is totally NOT lame.  I don’t even like ska too much but I checked out these English Beat guys and they are pretty good.  I love that Roland Gift is one of their friends.)

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  1. Or, go and support the event and drink all the Grey Goose and Harpoon you want! Local boys the Cobramatics are also playing their first show in roughly 3 years along with the aforementioned Beat.

    Though, it certainly is true that $75 would get you into a lot of dank basement/garage/house shows with PBR/Gansett/Meisterbrau/Black Label kegs. So yeah, what was I thinking? Screw the bash and keep your cash to yourself! More free drinks for me anyways.. ;)

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