Well, 1/3 of New England is on board…


As of this morning, same-sex marriage is legal in Connecticut.  Two down, 48 to go.

3 thoughts on “Well, 1/3 of New England is on board…”

  1. pete, i think we have a pretty good record of covering happenings around this and other civil rights issues. if there are things going on that we’re not covering it’s not because we don’t care. next time consider using the contribute feature. this is everyone’s soap box.

  2. I know you Dosers don’t have much central editorial control, but how could NO ONE post about the Marriage Equality rally that happened on Sunday? Yeah, I like the blog (and the progressive politics are certainly a part of the appeal), but I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in you all. We certainly could’ve used some more supporters, especially straight allies, on Saturday afternoon, and while I don’t know how many readers you have online, I think you might’ve helped.

    But carry on blogging — Boston architecture is more important than my rights.

  3. Marriage Equality RI is joining the Day of Protest in response to California’s Prop 8:

    Here is all the information you need about the protest on Saturday, 11/15, 1:30p at the STATE HOUSE and our Friday night event, Say “I Do!” at RISD Auditorium. Look forward to seeing you this weekend!

    National Day of Protest
    Date: Saturday, Nov. 15th
    Time: 1:30 EST
    Location: Rhode Island Statehouse Lawn – near the Providence Place Mall

    Day of Protest Flyers: http://www.marriageequalityri.org/dayOfProtest.pdf
    Day of Protest Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=39140042212&ref=mf
    Meri Blog: http://marriageequalityri.wordpress.com/

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