2nd Biennial(ish) Rhode Island Artist’s Yankee Style Art Swap!

Oh hey! This Saturday, November 15, 2008 (a.k.a, tomorrow) from 1pm – 5pm at AS220 (a.k.a 115 empire st, pvd, ri 02903), and for FREE (a.k.a zero (0) dollars) is the totally charming Yankee Art Swap. If you missed it last time (which I did), you should make sure to not miss it this time. Additionally, if you missed the print lottery and my transcendence of states through excessive liquid consumption last time I MC’d, you may have found your second opportunity (although hopefully not). whatever!!!! here’s the press release (or whatever!!!)! god!

“Bring a piece of original work for swappin’. Mickey Zacchilli will MC, and it’s gonna be awesome. The convoluted rules for a yankee-style swap are as such: each person who brings a piece of art gets a to draw a number. The person with the lowest number goes first and gets to choose from all of the pieces of art. We continue in numeric order but the following people not only get to pick from what remains out, BUT they can also choose from what anyone has already picked, yeah it’s like stealing –and that is the fun part. If and when your choice piece of art gets taken away from you, you may choose once again from the items out on the table, but you cannot steal from other people at this point, bummer. . . We go through everyone and finally we return to the first person, they can then choose from everyone else’s art!”

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