Looks like he’s really taking that Ayers thing to heart

Here’s a pdf of Obama’s 60-some point questionnaire for potential appointments.

Facebook pages, potentially embarrassing emails, any ‘controversial’ issues you’ve worked on, even private diaries.  Check-ups, gun ownership, and, yes — ‘associations’ that could be used to ‘impugn your character’ are all on the table…

2 thoughts on “Looks like he’s really taking that Ayers thing to heart”

  1. …the question of firearms is hardly hostile to gun owners. It’s asking the applicant to provide provide some evidence of responsible ownership. It will in fact be in the interest of preserving the 2nd amendment to make sure no member of what is likely to be the most rigorously scrutinized administration in the nation’s history has zero stray threads which critics might pull to unravel the whole admin’s fabric. An instance of even minor negligence in regards to an issue as controversial as private firearms would be inflated to the size of the fucking titanic.

    The constant state of hysterical, reactionary crisis 2nd amendment advocates exist in never ceases to amaze. Progressive politics are in no way antithetical to gun ownership, in fact you can thank liberals (in the traditional sense of the word) for having kept it in tact at all.


  2. joe bernstein

    Of what relevance is gun ownership?It is a Constitutional right according to SCOTUS,like it or not.Are gun owners not welcome in this administration?Not a smart way to start off by alienating 80 million gun owners.The question should simply be”have you ever been charged in an incident involving misuse of a firearm?”That would be perfectly legitimate.Sort of like “have you ever been charged with being a sex offender,thief,etc.”
    Some of the questions seem to be an invasion of privacy unless the position requires a high level security clearance.
    I think the overreach is a result of the Zoe Baird/Kimba Wood jackpots at the start of the first Clinton administration.
    Those involved Attorney General selectees being tripped up over having “off the books”illegal aliens as domestic help.

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