Brotherhood either will, or will not, remain on air

brotherhood For some reason filed away as a letter to the editor:

Reports of the demise of Brotherhood, the Showtime series shot entirely in Rhode Island, are, at best, premature, according to the cable channel. On Monday, the Boston Herald reported in The Inside Track, a gossip column, that the show, now in its third season, wouldn’t be renewed for a fourth season, but named no sources (other than “spies on the set”).

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  1. I don’t know about that. Jeff Charles on 94HJY is totally in love with that show and quite often has Ethan Embry in the studio or at least over the phone. I’ve listened to many of their conversations, even recently, about how well the show is doing and have heard no reason to believe such rumors.

    (Let it be known that I do not actually watch the show)

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