A Little Early

colbertxmas/NYT Tonight is the premiere of A Colbert Christmas:The Greatest Gift of All! — obviously a spoof of the genre.  The gold standard in this category is, of course, Pee Wee’s Christmas Special. Judging from the mixed review in The New York Times, this new entry will not knock Pee Wee out of first place. Alessandra Stanley writes,

Mr. Colbert is delightful, a few of the song parodies are clever, but over all, the show is too long and more than a little strained, much like the holiday specials it mocks. Elvis Costello is one of the guests and he is misused, forced into silly mock-skits that are no funnier than the cloying fluff they parody.

But she goes on to say that the two perform a duet at the end that is “quite wonderful”. (Photo:Kristopher Long)

10pm, Comedy Central, with Toby Keith, John Legend, Willie Nelson, and (attention Eric) Feist

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