News Slap: Unemployment Edition

  • ZOMG, Little Rhodey got a shout-out during BBC’s Newshour on NPR this morning! The Brits love us! Yay, go RI!! Wait, why are the British discussing our miserable economy, miserable governor, and miserable accents? Doh.
  • On the plus side, if you are one of the few Rhode Islanders who actually has a job, now’s as good a time as any to step up onto the property ladder. House prices are dropping like presidential pardons.
  • Singer Amy Winehouse has been hospitalized after a “reaction to the medication she was taking”. Apparently you’re not supposed to shoot up penicillin.
  • In a surprising show of good taste, the Chinese have no love for Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy.
  • The good news for gay couples living in Florida: circuit judge Cindy Lederman has ruled in favor of gay couples adopting. The bad news for gay couples living in Florida: you live in Florida.
  • The government took a $200 billion dump into the consumer credit market today. Hank Paulson says “It’s a great deal for the taxpayer,” but mostly it just feels like we’ve been shat on.
  • And finally, as part of some sort of maniacal sonic holocaust, a judge has ordered that noise violators be made listen to Barry Manilow music as punishment. When asked to comment, Mr Manilow expressed sympthy for “those poor, poor fuckers.”

4 thoughts on “News Slap: Unemployment Edition”

  1. Jesse from Cranston

    Nothing like hearing Robin Lustig talk about the Biggest Little. Dig that accent.

    Seriously, great to hear the Johnnycake Center getting well-deserved attention for the work they do. Nice touch to talk to Dean Esserman in Providence, too.

    And Don C.? Ugh. “We were the leader in New England in terms of job growth” — ?!
    Even if true (and I doubt it — admittedly because it came from Masto Don’s mouth), we’re now the leader in unemployment. What is his answer? “We need to manage the state.” Oh, it’s a management issue — and wasn’t Carcieri elected for his management skills?

    Well, at least he only got a soundbite, and far less attention than the people doing good work in our state.

    Thanks, Beeb! Cheerio!

  2. I’m glad we’re on the Brit’s radar. Now they need to revoke our charter and bring us back under royal control. Oh wait, they’re broke and talk funny too. Doh!

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