I’m Too Bored Right Now For A Good Smoke-Related Headline


I’ve never understood the fascination with people going out the night before Thanksgiving, mainly because it seems like you wouldn’t want a painful hangover on a day that’s pretty much entirely dedicated to food and hanging out with your screaming child-relatives.  That, and I absolutely refuse to pay a cover to go to a bar on a Wednesday.

Of course, if you’re the kind of person that travels for Thanksgiving it makes sense.  It also makes sense if, unlike my family, yours has dinner later in the day.  (Seriously, I think we had dinner at noon last year.)  But if you’re looking for somewhere to go tonight and you don’t mind braving the nightly Atwells Avenue sausage party, then you might want to check out Smoke, the newest place on the hill that lets you smoke indoors.  I mean, probably the drinks will be wicked expensive, and you’ll probably have to deal with lots of black-clad girls in skimpy outfits with bleached hair and voices that sound like electric can openers.  But still, for those that don’t mind the occasional indoor puff–especially now that winter’s coming–it might not be such a bad thing, especially since they’ll be serving food late.  And really, at this point it can’t be any worse than Tammany Hall, although I can’t imagine why they need six flat-screens in what seems like such a small space.

114 Spruce St.
(kinda behind the Dolce Villa, by Casserta’s)

3 thoughts on “I’m Too Bored Right Now For A Good Smoke-Related Headline”

  1. That Onion artcile is great. Especially the part about interviewing the guy at the Amtrak ticket counter in Rochester.

    You can smoke inside if over 50% of the sales come from tobacco, because then it’s a cigar lounge that serves alcohol and not a bar. I only know of four places that do it: Tammany Hall, which started out okay but which quickly devolved in every possible way; another new-ish place on Atwells that looks totally lame; a really uninviting brick place on the side of Rainone’s Liquor Store on Smith Street; and now this place.

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