News Slap: ‘Why Am I Working Today?!’ Edition

Don’t worry, children; you’ll be drunk and bloated in 24 little hours. Until then, feast your bellies with this.

5 thoughts on “News Slap: ‘Why Am I Working Today?!’ Edition”

  1. joe bernstein

    NOW-I am going to display my middle aged ignorance-what exactly are Blackbeerys and I Phones-little computers attached to phones?I have a cell phone.I can make calls and answer calls,I have no idea what the other things on it are for.

  2. joe bernstein

    Doesn’t Obama get it that it’s a bad idea for the President to be GPS locatable by anyone in the world?
    The Chinese certainly do the death penalty better.No 10 year delays or last minute ACLU bs-they just put one in the back of your head in public.They have a low recidivism rate for capital offenses,so I hear.
    The NYC subways are a place where I spent some of the best years of my life-if the AQ launches an attack there,it will be a bloodbath in that city.Not advocating anything-just telling the truth.

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