Rhode Island Gets A Zero For Hate Crimes

Rhode Island’s one of only four states in the country (along with South Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii) not to have any recognized hate groups in it, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

California, Texas and Florida have the most, but they also have the most people.  New York has comparatively few.  South Carolina, on the other hand, has the fourth highest number of hate groups, despite only being twenty-fourth in population.  Most of their 45 organizations, though, are chapters of the Neo-Confederate League of the South, which wants to secede from the US and uses words like Anglo-Celtic in its press materials.  They have over a hundred chapters nationwide, including one for some reason in Buffalo.

Other notable hate groups in New England include a KKK chapter in Vermont (?!?!), the Bay State’s anti-gay Mass Resistance, Jewish Defense League chapters in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and, in New Hampshire, a radical traditionalist Catholic group calling themselves the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  They run the website Catholicism.org, which I’ve actually been to before; but I guess they’re not actually so nice.

7 thoughts on “Rhode Island Gets A Zero For Hate Crimes”

  1. Bullshit! There was a KKK group in Cumberland as well as a satanic cult. Also the kkk was present in North Kingstown. The whole state is loaded with ignorant, intolerant idiots like in Cranston, Woonsocket and East Providence.

  2. North Kingstown should be listed as our states hate group. there’s a new batch of white power skinheads coming out of there every five years it seems. that’s also the town where the state’s kkk branch was headquartered untill the FBI made several arrests after a long surveilence operation in the early nineties.

  3. Jesse from Cranston


    If the South wants to secede again, I say fine — on one condition:
    They have to become part of Mexico.

  4. The south should be able to break away. They’ve been holding everyone else back for too long.

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