World AIDS Day


Today’s World AIDS Day.  It’s actually the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.  The original was commemmorated in 1988 (and, for all you gaywads talking about Rosie O’Donnell down there, listen to this Olivia Newton-John song recorded for the occasion.)

I was going to post something longer, but here’s a couple of quick links related to what this means:

  • President-elect Obama gave an address today, where he politely acknowledged the lack of any sort of AIDS-related policy in the Bush administration.
  • There’s been a big increase in the number of infections among gay men in the US, and also among Black and Latino men.  The biggest increase of all, worse than earlier reports might have indicated, is among gay black men.  However, homophobia and racism aren’t really helping the issue.  Neither is most people’s complete lack of understanding about how safe sex works.  (Seriously.)
  • Black women aren’t faring so well, either, especially in big cities like DC, where HIV rates run really high (although I’m not sure I get the author’s math, in this article).
  • Finally, local activist Julie Davids has some stuff to say about the whole thing on her blog.  I highly recommend reading it.  And then if you want to read more there’s a whole blog-a-thon happening here.

Oh, and in honor of this year’s World AIDS Day The Killers and Elton John and Neal Tennant all made a song together, to launch the musical version of Bono’s (RED) thing.  But the only way to hear it is to pay money or watch it on MSN after they play really loud Velveeta ads at you.  Also, Googling to find the actual website doesn’t really work.

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    I avoided the Dose for a bit because I was embarrassed at a super-long comment I made the other night after a couple drinks too many (particularly because it wasn’t even remotely entertaining).
    I’m wondering if Apostle was perhaps a bottle in the hole.

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