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baby alive

I got to thinking we should support the Rhode Island economy this Christmas by shopping locally, so I checked out the Hasbro toy catalog.  Here’s some of what I found.  First, suitable for children ages 3 and up, is a doll with the horrifying name, ‘Baby Alive Go Bye-Bye’ (matching dumpster sold separately.) Yay, let’s play Prom. mighty muggs

But what to get your six-year-old?  How about the ‘Mighty Muggs Fertility Idol’? (They grow up so fast.) Interestingly this same toy shows up again in the ‘ages 13 to 17’ group — as does the ‘Star Wars The Clone War Clone Trooper Voice Changer’. Um… guys… if you are 17 clonetrooper years old and running around the house in this contraption, I’m pretty sure that explains your fertility problem.

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