Candlelight Vigil for Mumbai Tonight

candlelightLots of pretty lights have popped up around town for the holidays. Here’s another type:

The India Association of Rhode Island is hosting a candlelight vigil tonight to share its solidarity with caring and concerned people and to express its outrage and sorrow on behalf of the victims in last week’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Several Indian, Jewish and Catholic speakers are slated.

Tonight / 6-7 p.m. / State House south steps (facing the mall) / BYO flashlight or battery-operated candle

3 thoughts on “Candlelight Vigil for Mumbai Tonight”

  1. joe bernstein

    Well,Annie,I like to think I’m a thoroughly old fashioned Everyman-haha!!Sounds like a demonstration for a very good reason,in all seriousness.

  2. Annie Messier

    Joe, if nothing else, the Daily Dose will turn you into a thoroughly modern Everyman! They’re sold at drugstores like Walgreens, big-box stores like Home Depot, or online at, say, Who knew? I’m more of a flashlight girl myself, but when “real” candles are discouraged (wind, hair products a la Michael Jackson’s flambe episode), the battery-operated ones make a decent solution.

    And, not to insult Bono or anything, but they make a better sight than a sea of cell phone screens.

  3. joe bernstein

    Battery operated candle?Now I’ve heard it all.I’m amazed Ron Popiel hasn’t done an infomercial on such a device.:))

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