Diesel Pollution Revolution

Diesel Pollution RevolutionA Day of Action highlighting work by activists and municipal leaders

Saturday December 6th
11Am – 2PM
Brown Center for Environmental Studies
Urban Environmental Lab
135 Angell St. Providence, RI

More than 100,000 Rhode Islanders suffer from asthma. Providence County ranks among the worst 6% of all U.S. counties for health risks from diesel pollution. The cancer risk from black diesel soot is 8 times greater than all 133 air toxics tracked by the EPA combined.

. . . but diesel pollution has a solution.
Cities and towns, students, activists and parents are finding ways to transform diesels, the workhorse engines of our economy, into cleaner safer vehicles. Find out what your town can do to take advantage of advanced pollution control technology. Learn how to organize a Pollution Patrol. Free food! And giveaways!
11AM Speakers
“Public Health and Environmental Justice”
“Clean School Bus Success Story,” David LaPlante, Warwick Schools Administrator
“Newport’s Anti-Idling Campaign,” Al Lowe, Newport Energy & Environment Commission
“Pollution Patrols,” Ilyse Sakamoto & Alyson Jeanne, DPI Activists

12PM Technology Demonstration & Food!
School Bus retrofits – What are they?

1PM What You Can Do – breakout sessions
Group 1 – Students, Activists, Concerned Citizens: Local pollution walking tour
Group 2 – Municipal Leaders, School Administrators, Public Works: Grant resources, local enforcement, advice from the Department of Environmental Management (DEM)

Please RSVP to Annie Costner
(401) 331-6972

1 thought on “Diesel Pollution Revolution”

  1. joe bernstein

    Okay-here’s a real story-I was sitting in traffic one day about 8 or 9 yeaars ago and a big noisy diesel car(maybe a Volvo?)pulls up on my left spewing out noxious exhaust-as it pulled up ahead,i saw all the “usual”stickers-svae the earth,usa consumes too much,etc,etc,-the occupants looked like two trust fund babies(totally subjective observation on my part),and here I was in my 4 cylinder Corolla with an NRA sticker on the bumper-so who was the “progressive”here?
    My point?Electric mass transit-it eliminates pollution except possibly at the electric power source,and no diesel buses.No dependence on petroleum to move people around.
    I was in Toronto in 1987 and their downtown area was served almost entirely by streetcars and trackless trolleys.The air was definitely clearer and cleaner.
    They have since eliminated the trackless trolleys and replaced them with diesel buses!!Backwards progress.

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