Tonight: Insipid Kitsch

insipid kitschAfter repeated failures to get us a write-up, we’ve simply stolen the above and below from the event’s Facebook page. Details follow. Suffice it to say, it’ll be a shit show, in all ways, good and bad:

On Friday December Vth 2008 Insipid Kitsch Unveils Itself @ 7PM——Why Are All These Words CAPITALIZED? ——They say you never forget your first, I’ll never FORGIVE it.

Kitsch by Clavijo hits the walls faster than an insipid bitch cancels a 160-180k show in New York—— Answer: A nobody.

The Extensively Limited Collection Includes:

Photography, Photosculpture (assuming that’s a word), Sculpture — Film — And an original painting by Clavijo.

This is no ordinary Gallery Opening. It is also NOT extraordinary. In fact, it is down right insipid, stupid, and utterly unnecessary. Hotel Clavijo is only showing up because he doesn’t respect himself——

‘Insipid Kitsch’ is dedicated to Professor Barton St. Armand & Brown University

Special Performances by:

Potential Pillows
Triangle Forest

Guest of Honor: Mayor James E. Doyle

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