Tonight: Second Annual Holiday Party!!!

Christmas with the ChipmunksDrinking Liberally and the Daily Dose are combining forces for a Holiday Extravaganza!!!!

Tonight (THURSDAY, December 11) 9pm, in the Local 121 Tap Room (yes, because we are lazy). It’s FREE (just help us blow $400* at the bar).

Matthew Lawrence, spinning Chipmunks holiday songs on loop. Other things too.

*(Ed. Note: Just to clarify because the figure ‘$400’ is sort of close to the word ‘free’. What it means is we need YOU to bring $400 to the bar and spend it, but you can get in the door for ‘free’. We can not afford an open bar. We can barely afford a candy bar. This crew couldn’t put $400 together if our lives depended on it. Most of us will be selling blood today to pay for our own drinks tonight. So bring money.)

6 thoughts on “Tonight: Second Annual Holiday Party!!!”

  1. I didn’t make the party because A. I can’t read a calendar, II. I had a meeting this evening, 5. It is raining and I had to get bread and milk.

    On a side I note, when I picture Beth in my mind’s eye (since I’ve never met her (that I know of)) she has never been scruffy, but she has been hotness.

  2. matthew lawrence

    And the assumption that I’m willing to take my Chipmunks record out in the rain.

  3. Annie Messier

    Warning to other newbies: the few Dose writers I’ve met (Eric, Beth, funkEpunkEmonkE and Matthew) have all been funnier, cooler and of course far more attractive than your average-Joe-the-plumber-six-pack. If the DL folks are anything like Dosers, your heart and mine may not be able to handle a whole roomful of witty, scruffy hotness.

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