I’m Not Kidding

Dethalbum Dethklok may not be a real band, but they make real music.  At some point while watching Metalocalypse, the discriminating viewer will suddenly realize — hey, these guys are actually kinda good. At any rate, this album is now on my iPod.  It stands on its own just as music, but the rewards of researching the lyrics — which can be a tad indecipherable — are huge. Very silly stuff.  ‘Birthday Dethday’ is probably my fave right now.

The show has returned to Sunday night in reruns.  Tonight’s episode: Murdering Outside the Box. Dethklok has an end-of-quarter employee evaluation to find out who is embezzling from the company.

Metalocalypse, 12:30am, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim

(There is some violence, but only when integral to developing plot and character … as in ‘Itchy & Scratchy’.)

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