Run, Free Willy, Run

emu In a scene straight out of Animal Farm, a pig belonging to Pamela Hood of Foster used its snout to lift a gate off its hinges, freeing itself and a family of emus.  The mama and baby emus returned, but papa Emer must be a rollin’ stone, and has been running wild for three weeks now. Last Friday someone phoned in a sighting, and Hood and ASPCA director, Dave Holden, rushed to the scene with a tranquilizer gun. According to the ProJo “They were about 6 feet away when Holden shot the first dart. Nothing. He shot another. The emu was still standing. The owner declared this one a super emu!“.

So now we have an emu who is cold, hungry, and tripping balls on Special-K.  Emer, get help, your family needs you.

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  1. I won’t be going to Foster any time soon. I hate emus. Ever tried to stare one down at the Umbrella Factory? Can’t be done.

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