Lydia, oh Lydia, Encyclopaedia

jeopardy! Hometown smarty-pants Lydia Haile Fassett is a contestant this week (scheduled for Tuesday) on’ Jeopardy!’. Wild Colonial pub quiz participants found this out last Sunday night when her teammates outed her.  She seemed quite modest and not at all braggy but the team did name itself something like “Hey I’m going to be on ‘Jeopardy!'” and then proceeded to kick everyone’s ass around the block.

So Lydia has game and she’s representing — you have to go see her super little Hometown Howdy at the Jeopardy website.  Well done Lydia. (It was kind of weird trying to ‘interview’ her.  Apparently Homeland Security is holding her family at Gitmo until after the show airs.)

7:30pm, tonight, Jeopardy! on WPRI-Channel 12

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