Ix-nay on the Oney-may

lusitania Gaudeamus hodie and honor Lydia Fassett for her impressive performance last night on ‘Jeopardy!’.  While not taking top honors, she acquitted herself very well, racking up quite a pot of money, just not enough for the win. (Let me say here that I am in awe of people who can remember to breathe when near a microphone, never mind think quickly on camera.) I was really rooting for her, hoping she might get into a ‘Ken the Mormon’ groove and drag this thing out for months giving me at least one thing to write about every day. In her personal chat with Mr. Trebek, she revealed that she is a Latin teacher, and that she and her husband were married in the Providence Atheneum. Very Cool.

Some of her correct answers were; Leviathan, Girlcott, Puleeze, Ix-nay (she also speaks Pig Latin) and The Lusitania. I got really excited when one of the categories was ‘Flight of the Concordes’ but it turned out to be about aviation.

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  1. .. although an actual “Flight of the Conchords” category would have veered dangerously close to the LA-based screenwriter buzzsaw.

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