Beth, now look what you’ve started dam’s foundation was already riddled with cracks, and I’m afraid that Bettie Page post just did us in — crossing a line even the Jersey Girls never dared breach.

(Is ‘drunk-posting’ a recognized phenomenon yet, or are we coining it right here and now?)

7 thoughts on “Beth, now look what you’ve started”

  1. joe bernstein

    Mickey-anyone with a penis like that REALLY needs to see a urologist.

  2. joe bernstein

    I think S.Clay Wilson,underground comic artist of the Sixties may have had a hand in that photo.

  3. Hmm, something about that cactus just doesn’t seem kosher. And btw Johnny Contributor (if that is indeed your real name) my post was timely and newsworthy — you weren’t even supposed to notice the tits.

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