Are You Ready For Some Football?

raiders boy george In lieu of getting laid. This afternoon the Patriots (8-5) will be playing the Raiders (3-10).  So… this may not be the greatest game, but in Oakland there is always another show and if this turns into a blowout, the cameramen may turn their attention to the nutty fans.  The aesthetic in the Alameda County Coliseum seems to be rooted in motorcycle-pirates, but frequently veers off into a weird Darth Vader/Marilyn Manson/Transformers/Boy George sort of thing.  And the women wear tiaras.  Serious football fans of course heap scorn upon these displays (partly because the Raiders are always losing, so it does look a little pathetic) but I find it entertaining.

Patriots at Raiders, 4:15pm, Channel 12

Mr. Cooper


Suffer the Little Children

raiders child

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