News Slap: Holy Hairbrush Edition

  • Hair as feathered and fine as Rod Blagojevich’s requires vigilance, mousse, and a special Paul Mitchell hairbrush the crooked guv bizarrely calls “the football” (the article also contains other anecdotal nuggets detailing HotRod’s hilarious spiral into megalomaniacal madness).
  • In case you missed the highly amusing video of an Iraqi journalist fucking a shoe at Bush’s simian skull, head over to OMG Blog to check out the footage (as well as CNN’s comical Crocodile-Dundee-like reporter).
  • The McCain/Palin camp recently hocked a few Blackberries chock full of confidential information at a campaign firesale. The cost of a used McCain Blackberry: $20. Yet another reminder of McCain/Palin incompetence: priceless.
  • The good news: Guy Ritchie made a cool £50 million off his divorce from Madonna. The bad news: Grandma Death Hands will continue to plague humanity make music for the foreseeable future.
  • Uber-DILF Matt Lauer interviewed Tom Cruise on The Today Show this morning, and we can safely report that the world’s favorite Scientologist is still as mad as a bag of spanners.

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