Dan White for Fox Prov’s ‘Rhode Show’ – voting ends tonight!

Local Friend Could Host TV News With Your Help
Voting Ends TODAY – PASS ON LINK TO ANYONE with HEART+SOUL – Anyone can vote


Fox Providence has put together a show dedicated to local content, choosing the host based on a contest. The host could be: Miss Rhode Island; a DJ from Boston; a guy from New Hampshire; another person I forget.. – or it could be Dan White, a local dude who’s smart, intelligent, enjoyable and completely entertaining.

You may remember Dan from such fond moments as the General Burnside Facial Hair Contest, Indie Arts Fest, and the otherwise notorious master of ceremonies for the Cobra-Matics, Roller Derby Bouts and local burlesque troop The Danger Danger Birds.

This man needs to be on television. The voting link is mid-page, right.
You can vote even if you don’t live here. We need a surge today.
Please make it right in the world, a little click will go a long way.


Dan has supported The Agenda since day one (back in 2005!!!) and he even reads it : )

I put together a list of the things I know Dan likes…If you like what he likes, help get the man on TV.

Dan Likes These Things:

Preservation of historic buildings
Musical instruments
Industrial design
Public education
Arts organizations
Screen prints and letter presses
Records and record shops
the Internet and the Web savvy
Crayon sculptures
Textile majors
Radio hosts and radio stations
Theater and those that write about theater

—————————— in this election, a click to vote does matter!

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