Midnight Radio Comics Episode 2.1

Midnight Radio Comics Episode 2-1

And isn’t it interesting, scientists will not like this one, isn’t it interesting that women were the ones who took to that knowledge first?

4 thoughts on “Midnight Radio Comics Episode 2.1”

  1. @ Wayne

    Yes. You are the only person who thinks this comic sucks. With any luck you’ll break the scroll wheel on your mouse next time it shows up in your RSS reader.

    ps. We’re waiting with bated breath for your contribution.

  2. I can’t be the only person who thinks this comic sucks. I’m always sad when I see that I have to scroll past it yet again in my RSS reader.

    The art is lacking, the “story” so far has gone nowhere, there’s no humor, no pithy insight into the human condition.. what am I missing? It’s like someone decided to take a “Web comics” class hoping for an easy A and this is their half hearted attempt at homework.

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