Word of the Day: Pyrrhic

scrabbleWhat are the odds that two Dosers would need to write about Scrabble on exactly the same day? This is a little vexing since I actually have some news to report and the other guy just wanted to say ‘Butts’. In the future, Matthew, why don’t you stick to reviewing your clinically-depressed techno-vikings and leave the Scrabble beat to the professionals.  (The assignment editor will be hearing from my union rep.)  To be honest, I don’t have much on this story yet, but according to a brief write-up in the ProJo business digest, Hasbro has filed papers in the U.S. District Court of New York withdrawing its complaint against the creators of Scrabulous.  Neither party is talking, but I believe we can expect a statement from Hasbro sometime soon.

The court documents don’t specify a reason for the withdrawal of the case. Hasbro and the Agarwalla brothers did not immediately return messages left seeking comment.

My best guess is that both parties realized they were whizzing this thing down their leg and figured out a way for everyone to make big piles of money. Hasbro’s replacement game was not well-received — why didn’t they listen to me?

(Other celebrity Scrabble players include Jack Black and Jon Bon Jovi.)

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Pyrrhic”

  1. I applaud the apt metaphor. Only a confirmed egomaniac quotes himself so, true to form, my comment from a blog back in July goes to the same place.

    ~~~ Dan, Michael, Hobo (supporting Hasbro w/legal arguments) – You’re right. Congratulations. And what do you win? Same thing Hasbro just won. A lesson in King Pyrrhus of Epirus and his battles against the Romans. “One more victory, and we’ll be undone.” ~~~

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