Matthew and Jason’s Holiday On Ice

Jason Tranchida and I will be hosting our second annual Holiday Extravaganza at Local 121 tonight.  I have no idea what the hell I’ll be playing but you’re bound to love it, so head on down, grab a festive cocktail, and dance the night away.

(We start at 10, so if you’re one of the Goosebumps crowd there’s still time to come early before you go listen to that thumpy house music at Lot 401.)

Local 121
10 pm – 1 am
We might bake, too.

1 thought on “Matthew and Jason’s Holiday On Ice”

  1. agreed! — about your love of Tuesday nights at 121 and the Brit Pop. No greater get-out-the-house escape mid-week than that!

    Now if you can only get the story on the cute dark haired bartender who works
    there on Tuesdays (and a few other nights as well!)

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