The Muppets Take On Red-Hattin’

muppets Thank you, ProJo, for reviewing a new Muppets Christmas special that airs tonight (although I don’t know if it could rival “A Muppets Christmas Carol,” one of my faves).

It seems the cuddly creatures will encounter special guests including an airport security guard (Nathan Lane, who seems well-suited to working with zany puppets) and a hopefully fun taxi driver (Whoopi Goldberg, who was a royal bitch once when serving us drinks in her bar) on the way to the North Pole, with Shrimp Pepe apparently stealing the show.  Since we’re out of town tonight, I’m taping it and will be happy to share.

“A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa”, tonight, NBC, 8 p.m.

4 thoughts on “The Muppets Take On Red-Hattin’”

  1. Annie Messier

    Dammit–looks like my tape got stuck in the machine the other night! So much for watching this tonight : (

  2. Annie Messier

    JWest: Noooo! Say it ain’t so! (Actually, I kind of feared as much. Maybe if I’m snowbound tonight I’ll stay in and watch it and hope for the best.)

    Beth: Whoopi bought part of a fish market/bar/restaurant called Capt’n Carlo’s in Gloucester, MA a few years ago. She was slinging drinks the last few summers (originally we heard it was for a movie role, but you know how trustworthy rumors are), although we didn’t see her this past one.

  3. Wow, that show was horrible. I recorded it hoping to preserve it for future generations, just like my Star Wars Christmas Special. Unfortunately, the new Muppets show wasn’t even as good as that.

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