Tales of Rocky Point Park

Milk and Cookies Gallery, 250 Main Street (in the Grant), Pawtucket RI is proud to present the artwork of Jason Mayoh and the bands: Sweet Thieves, Lolita Black, and Cowgirl.

Tales of Rocky Point Park will open December 19th at 7 pm. This show features original artwork from an independent comic book chronicling the strange and mysterious rumors and urban legends about the now defunct Rocky Point Amusement Park In Rhode Island, illustrated and written by Jason Mayoh.

strongsweetthieves began their journey into bandhood in july of 2003. they have since toured the world three times and have acquired much acclaim from critics. after viewing a live show in tokyo, one critic stated that, “sweetthieves warm my heart and soul with their angular, yet beautiful sound. they pull me into their web of lies, spit in my face, and then leave my rotting corpse on the ground. yet, as i am dead, i still remember the shimmering and brilliant guitar, the raw, deceitful bass, the smooth, yet frenetic drums, and sing/scream, boy/girl vocals. they make my bodiless soul cry out for more. it is truly genius.” unfortunately this critic cannot be reached for comment, because he is now dead…

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  1. the final sweetthieves show/tales of rocky point park opening has been postponed to saturday, january 3rd due to the snowstorm. boo!

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