Who Doesn’t Like Ribs?

wolf eating Thanks to the ProJo for sending a real food writer — Gail Ciampa, not Michael Janusonis — over to United BBQ on Ives Street and reminding me that it is right there… within walking distance… maybe even in the snow.  Everything sounds real good — from the pulled pork (Matthew, that’s pork butt)  to the homemade desserts. You could eat pretty cheap there and it’s BYOB. Some vegetarian items are available and their waste oils are recycled by Newport Bio-Diesel for home heating fuel. (Will it make your house smell like butt?)

United BBQ, 146 Ives Street, 11am to 11pm, 751-9000, no highchairs (awesome!)

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  1. Annie Messier

    We tried this place last month when someone (David Segal?) posted about its opening here on the Dose. If it helps anyone, my husband (who LOVES Southern cooking) was very, very impressed with the collared greens : )

  2. finally! this has been in the works for freakin’ ever (thanks a lot, city of providence) so hats off to claude!

  3. That’s definitely true, but I don’t believe Gail Ciampa would give a favorable review to a crappy place. Also, she has ferreted out some little places that have not disappointed. For instance, Chinese Iron Wok on Route 6 in Seekonk which is stuck between a Blockbusters and a nail salon. I never would have gone there in a million years and it’s great. So, talk to me about bbq in the midwest. Kansas? Missouri? I’ve seen the documentary footage… someday.

  4. United BBQ is definitely worth the visit… Tastes good (although no PVD BBQ has yet approached that I’ve had in the midwest, sadly), there are vege fake meat options, it’s inexpensive, and the portions are generous.

    That, said, I haven’t read a food review in any PVD area media in years. They all read like press releases/special advertising. When was the last time you read a negative review of anything?

    Greater City Providence
    Providence Urbanism Blog

  5. Heck yea! The more BBQ places in Prov, the better. Its gonna be hard to top L J’s and Rick’s. Putting a green spin on BBQ is a combination I didn’t expect to see anytime soon. I expect delivery from a BBQ place to be driven in a FORD F150 not a SMART car! Ha good stuff.

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