The Year of Magical Drinking*

Because I obsess over these things, I’ve been reading all kinds of lists lately; movies of the year, books of the year, songs of the year, and so forth.  (That’s in addition to making my own lists, which of course I’ve also been doing.)  But I thought I’d share an interesting one I just came across:  YumSugar’s 10 Favorite Cocktails of 2008.

From a Shiraz punch involving mint sprigs and egg whites to an appletini that actually doesn’t sound (or look) toxic, there’s all kinds of fun to be had with the drinks on this list.  Also in the top 10: a hot toddy that involves caramelizing a sugared rim (which sounds delicious, but also scary what with the whole open flame touching glass issue), the festive-sounding Rosselini, and a drink that involves both apple brandy something called lavender honey.

Embarrassingly, I came across this list via the list of lists, something I only found because the guy that made it appears on Susannah Breslin‘s list of 2008’s Best Guy Bloggers.

My own favorite drinks are all old-man things like sidecars and Manhattans and sloe gin fizzes and Poop Decks and Adonises and Whispers of the Frost.  Well, except for my old party standard, the Orange Creamsicle, which involves vodka and Polar Orange Dry and Eclipse Vanilla Syrup.  (I’m also thinking of calling that one the Route 146.)  But does anybody have any favorite specialty cocktails from local places that they’ve enjoyed the past year?

[*Apologies to Kiki and Herb, but I couldn’t think of a more original title.]

3 thoughts on “The Year of Magical Drinking*”

  1. No, just that as far as I can tell it only works with Polar Orange Dry and Eclipse Vanilla Syrup. And Polar’s based in Worcester and Eclipse is in, um, Lincoln or Smithfield, I think.

    The Gingerbread does sound good… Stop being on vacation, AS220. It’s bringing me down.

  2. Annie Messier

    I’ve been looking for interesting seasonal drinks and it looks like AS220 is going to be my favorite place this winter, at least if the Gingerbread is as good as it sounds. I get a bit bummed when I’m craving yummy hot drinks (like, yes, cocoa with peppermint Schnapps) and all that’s available is like a hot toddy (not that those are bad, just not sweet enough for me). If there are others, please keep them coming here!

    Matthew, I am intrigued by your Creamsicle (yum!) and more so by the statement that you might rename it the Route 146. Was it, uh, conceived by the side of the road?

  3. Hey Matt!
    At as220 we have the ginger drop martini which is super yummy and holidayish – But my personal favorites I can not make there because of our lack of hot water :( But especially on cold winter evenings I lovee hot coco + peppermint schnapps or hot apple cider with ginger brandy, or a spiced rum. Its hard to find bars that do hot cocktails, its become a mission of mine. But I do make a mean nuts and berries minus the coffee – amaretto, chambord and baileys on the rocks. And if you’re feeling crazy, a hard cider with a shot of Makers in it warms you up fast. I also invented gingerbread last night, amaretto + ginger beer. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

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