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drinky crow My favorite new addition to Adult Swim is The Drinky Crow Show. One thing that jumps right out at you is the look of the thing — the animation is very cool.  To translate the original pen-and-ink strip, Maakies by Tony Millionaire, into animation, the producers actually created a new animation technique called Maakie-Mation.  So it’s fun to look at and the writing is brilliant.  Last week’s episode featured two guest voices — Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Drinky Crow is usually followed by Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and then the consistently excellent, Metalocalypse, but they mess around with the schedule sometimes. These shows contain some cartoony violence.

(The Rhode Island connection?  The theme song is by They Might Be Giants, featuring John Linnell, whose first band was the Providence rockers, the Mundanes.)

Sunday, after midnight (so actually it’s Monday morning) Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network

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  1. Annie Messier

    I’d start my own “what you should watch” for those without cable, but I just found out one of the only shows I watch, “Pushing Daisies,” has already been cancelled by ABC. My disappointment is vast (although slightly relieved by your mention of TMBG, who still make me smile and are coming to Lupo’s).

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