OMG SNOW Part Deux

snowA couple weeks after Matthew’s post, snow is again predicted for the Providence area. A good 4-8 inches, according to Weather Underground (’bout time! It’s nearly January, and the light coat I brushed off my car this morning hardly qualifies).

Except I haven’t heard anyone writing out their last will and testament yet or lining up every fatigue-clad Rhode Islander on local news channels with parking and driving rules (part of this may be that I haven’t turned on the news yet today).  Are we unprepared or just trying to play it cool this time around?  Well, either way, I’m making an angel.

(Photo: unearthing my car from a freak April storm a few years ago in Gloucester, MA)

2 thoughts on “OMG SNOW Part Deux”

  1. Wesli Dymoke

    Hey, I got my bread and milk, I’m good. Also cocoa and whiskey. Just, you know, in case.

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