“Scrodliness is next to Godliness”

ted xmas2003 It’s funny because it’s true.  For more utterly sublime lyrics like this, head out of town tonight to see the band declared Boston’s worst from 1989 to 1994, Mente.  Guitarist, Edward van Mente is Providence’s own Ted Widmer, former Clinton speech writer, head of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, and former member of the Upper Crust (discussed earlier in this space).  If Mr. Widmer had hoped to keep his secret life hidden from his fellow academics and the old-money benefactors that support his liberry… too bad.  He’s just too damned interesting. Oh, almost forgot, he also wrote a biography of Martin Van Buren.  Just think about this guy’s résumé. He’s kind of my hero. (Listen to some tunes after the jump. These guys actually rock pretty hard.)

Tuesday night, New Years Party, The Plough and Stars, 912 Mass Ave. Cambridge

The Scrod

Endlessly Rocking

2 thoughts on ““Scrodliness is next to Godliness””

  1. man oh man i wish i could have gone to this! edward van mente is the real thing! i will try and try to bring this cast of mistfits to play in little rhodie. don’t let me forget this promise . . .

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