They’re All V.I.P. Tables at The Trash

figgs posterLook who’s in The New York Times! In a feature on how to ring in the New Year in the New York City area without spending huge pots of money, some local talent gets a mention.

Yes, you can pay $699 for a V.I.P. table at Lady GaGa’s show at Webster Hall, and it very well might be worth every penny. But for $689 less you can see the Figgs, one of the best power-pop bands of the 1990s — and still mighty strong, thank you — at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on a bill with Sub Rosa, Heap, D.T.O. and the ’Mericans.

This does however create a punctuation-based style crisis for me.  I have long insisted that the ‘M’ in ‘The ‘mericans’ should not be capitalized. I’ve even had this argument with the guys in the band who can presumably call themselves whatever they want, and now they have The New York Times on their side…. but I am right. The Dose has sent a reporter down to cover this event (not Matthew, who has spent the few days desperately trying to scare up $699 plus the cost of the Chinatown bus).

The ‘mericans, $10, tonight, The Trash Bar, 256 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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  1. Annie Messier

    As fun as the snowy 7-hour commute to NY was yesterday (particularly when Connecticut saw fit to shut down all of 95 for a couple hours after a multi-car crash), I was thinking maybe my next out-of-state Dose assignment could be, like, Hawaii. Someone has to make sure President-elect Obama’s pecs aren’t an airbrushed fabrication of the liberal media, right?

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