I Had A Dream

Basketball Jersey

No really, I did.  Last night I dreamt that I was hanging out with Barack and Michelle, and they were my friends, and they really liked me. What a way to start the new year.  Only 20 more days and we can start to breathe again.  In the meantime — let the merchandizing begin. The New York Times reports on the various merch sites that have arisen — the results are mixed. I gotta think the Onesie (from the Official Inaugural Store) will be popular at $15.  The basketball jersey is cool, but a little steep at $130.  In an unrelated note: there were reports that while vacationing in Hawaii, the Obama family played Scrabble.  At last, Scrabblers in the White House.

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  1. On a similiarily unrelated note, I have been granted two tickets to the inauguration from the office of Jack Reed. I submitted requests with all the local pols and was informed a couple of weeks ago that I had been chosen by lottery to receive the tickets. We have to pick them up on the 19th at his office in D.C.

    There are lots of poo pooers out there with regards to crowds and such, but we are looking extremely foward to this amazing moment in history. I;m curious about other Rhode Islanders securing tickets and where they’re going to be seated. There’s not much information on line about seating and we haven’t been notified yet about our section/color coded seating area.


  2. Very gratifying to have Scrabblers in the White House…we would have thought it enough just to have someone with a simple command of the English language, let alone someone who can get triple word scores on words like Quaff or Zephyr.

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