First Pub Quiz of 2009

quiz It’s the first quiz of the the new year — life slowly returns to normal. If you have never participated, then make it your New Year’s resolution to do so. Form a team of one to four people and come up with a witty name for yourselves.  There are several 6-question categories like current events, local trivia, SciFi movies, heroes of the Reformation, marine biology, Russian literature, eighties supermodels, etymology, entomology, William Shatner — whatever the quizmasters feel like throwing at you. But it always ends with a 12-question music category with audible snippets.  Some people worry that they will have to make an ass of themselves answering questions in public, but your team simply writes down its answers on a piece of paper and hands it in. Prizes are awarded for win, place and show. There is great beer on tap, lots of pretty girls, a dartboard, a color television set, and a mirror in the bathroom.

8pm, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, 621.5644

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  1. When is this, Sunday? Many of your posts fail to mention the actual date of the event.

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