The Days of Future Passed


Tonight the Rhode Island Antiques Mall in Pawtucket will be hosting The Art of Dining In The Space Age, an installation inspired by mod mid-century designs.  It costs ten dollars, but the proceeds go to a good cause (Autism Project of RI) and there’s spirits and a buffet.  I saw a poster for this at the Coffee Exchange, and the list of people sponsots is really exciting (The Liberty Elm! Rocket To Mars! Others I can’t think of right now!)

Rocket To Mars is selling tickets ahead of time, and there’s gift bags if you’re one of the first fifteen (?!) people to get there.  It starts at six.

(Totally unrelatedly, I Google Image Searched “Jetsons eating” to find a picture for this article, and OH MY GOD is there a lot of disturbing Jetson incest-porn out there.  Ick!)

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