Is a new ‘Providence Sound’ in the works?

deertick2As Deer Tick and the Low Anthem keep writing great songs and march towards national recognition — with plaudits from critics all around — Providence is going to start to signify something a bit different to music fans: A little less new-wave and noisy, a little more “roots rock,” “pure Americana,” Waits, Dylan and Guthrie. (Not that there’s much intentionality behind the phenomenon, but it’s there, and notable.)

The Low Anthem made NPR’s song of the day last week.

Deer Tick just announced the (eventual) upcoming release of Born on Flag Day and sets off on a tour that culminates at SXSW. (No Providence date, guys?)

3 thoughts on “Is a new ‘Providence Sound’ in the works?”

  1. It’s funny to me how “scenes” are made and broken in the popular eye. There’s been an acoustic / Americana thing going on in Providence for quite a while now, just as there’s been an electronic/dance scene, and a noise scene, and a metal scene, and… well, you get the picture. It’s great that any Providence bands are getting national attention – hopefully it will get more interest in the city as a whole.

  2. thanks for the post.. interesting that after the glitz and noise of technology are quieted by harsh realities, their is an audience hungry for honest, American-rooted stories and musicality.

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