Five Boybanders Set Sail That Day For A Three Hour (Plus Four Day) Tour

Because I know you are all at the Daily Dose exclusively for New Kids On The Block news…

One May 15th Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Danny and the rest will be setting sail from Fort Lauderdale for a FOUR-DAY CRUISE with fans. How awesome will that be?!?!  Five of Boston’s finest and probably dozens of thirty-something women just dying for Joey McIntyre to serve them Pina Coladas.  Because, according to this video at, that’s more or less what it’s going to be.  (And I so want to be there with them!  I’m not kidding, I love gangs of fun-loving and inebriated soccer moms.  And Donnie Wahlberg.  And this tour, which stops in the Bahamas, neatly coincides with my birthday.)

Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, although I’m not sure when because their website ( is taking hours to load right now.

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  1. And I will be one of them! I cannot wait for the cruise! They are so grown up now just looking at all the recent photos and comparing them to the ones from the 80’s! By golly they have gotten hotter haven’t they?!

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