Open The Door, Get On The Floor. Everybody Walk The Dinosaur.

Every week at the Guardian John Crace reads a horrible-sounding book and hilariously breaks it down for you, sparing you the trouble of actually having to read it.  This week, he tackles Kaylene Johnson’s book about Sarah Palin; as usual with anything written about Palin, the line between ridiculous and possibly true is completely non-existent:

Faith has always had a profound influence on Sarah’s life. Like her siblings she was baptised a Catholic but she went on to find a more meaningful path to God after joining her father on an expedition to Mount McKinley. “We came across a perfectly preserved dinosaur skeleton that was only 3,000 years old,” she explains. “I realised the creation story must be true and I joined the Wasilla Assembly of God.”

[And if you’re wondering, yes, I did choose this excerpt as an excuse to use this picture again.]

[via bookslut]

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