Oh My God, Nancy Pelosi.


Not that it’s ever a good idea to read Youtube comments, but some of the more recent responses to Nancy Pelosi’s first venture down the Youtube are kinda noteworthy:

Synaps4 (2 minutes ago) : This is the cancer that is killing congress.
HalEBurton (3 minutes ago) : YOU are complicit in all of Bush’s crimes, Pelosi. YOU ARE GUILTY.
JonScott2008 (10 minutes ago) : Kittehs want massive bailsout
mrsbrown333 (11 minutes ago) : guess you have a lot of time on your hands, with impeachment being off the table and all.
Which isn’t to say that politicians shouldn’t be allowed to have senses of humor (they should), or that her cats aren’t totally adorable (they are).  I just wish that she had gotten an intern to teach her some of the fineries of Ye Olde Web 2.0.  Like, you know, how once something has appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade it no longer needs to be explained, as an example.  Also, that font.

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