Oh My God, School Administrations of Rhode Island

Sunny SongsNo school in Cranston today.  Or Warwick.  Or North Providence or Lincoln or Providence.  And there’s not even any snow for the kids to be playing in.  Peter Nero, who is now Cranston’s Assistant Superintendant of Schools but who went by Vice Principal Nero back when I was a lad, told the ProJo that the two to four inch forecast and cold temperatures were enough to make everyone “a little paranoid.”  And the paranoia may continue!

Nero said no decision had been made about holding school tomorrow.

“We’ll get criticized either way,” he said.

Apparently this is something everybody knows already, but I didn’t realize it until my fourteen-year old cousin changed her Facebook status to say that she was bored, which normally she doesn’t do until later in the afternoon.

Unrelatedly, if you happen to brave the non-blizzard today and see any frozen Daily Dose writers around, could you please thaw them out and sit them down in front of a computer?  I’m lonely!

12 thoughts on “Oh My God, School Administrations of Rhode Island”

  1. Well Sue what school education did you recive? “wussification” is that even a real word? i dont think so… O and Nicole i forgot you work the streets at night and your outside in a skimpy skrit and your just coming home from a long night with your “clients” And Marc this isnt the 1900’s it the 21 century so who cares what happen back then.

  2. So I guess up in Vermont where it was actually -20 last week (and colder) the buses were unable to run too? How come we’re the only state in New England to cancel school? Are buses only able to run from Delaware on South? Please.

    And how do you know where I am and what I do at 6:30 in the morning. Maybe I’m out walking my dog at that time. Maybe I have experienced the coldy cold coldness that was last week. Don’t make assumptions Jim!

  3. That’s baloney. There’s something called a glow plug on diesel engines. It’s either a manual switch or an automatic feature. The glow plug warms the fuel in the combustion chamber allowing it to fire in cold weather, once the engine is running it is fine. Don’t you think they have freaking trucks in sub-zero locales? What the hell is wrong with you people. Ever hear of gloves, scarves, winter coats???

  4. Frostbite my ass!! This is a perfect example of the “wussification” of America. I grew up in Northern Alberta Canada and never missed a day of school because it was cold. And it’s waaaay colder up there than down here. Frostbite is a serious injury as a result of exposure to extreme cold. This is not extreme cold. Not even close.

  5. It is New England in January. Is it really that surprising that it is cold?! Layers people. Its all about layers. This is the first time I have seen such reactions about cold weather in the wintertime.

  6. I remember waiting for the school bus when the temperature was sub-zero in the 1990s. I also don’t recall any cases of school kids getting frostbite. Sure, it was cold as hell, but nobody got hurt!

    We certainly wouldn’t have shut the schools down for low temperatures alone.

    As for the diesel fuel, they add thinners to most diesels fuels in the winter to prevent gelling, and virtually all large diesel vehicles have block warmers and radiator hoods that assure their functionality in the cold.

    I think Rhode Island has just become the ‘Spineless Wanker State’ as far as our public officials go. These school administrators just really didn’t want to get those calls from overly litigious, super-protective moms.

  7. So school buses are unable to run during January/February cold snaps? I don’t remember that happening when I was growing up. And I don’t remember anyone I knew ever getting frost bite waiting for the bus. I took the bus to school in Providence.

  8. This just shows Nicole really doesn’t know anything about cold weather… She apparently doesn’t know that all public school buses run on diesel and when there’s such cold weather the diesel in the buses turn into a gel form and buses are not able to start. Mabey she should stand outside at 6:30 in the morning with single digit temperature readings and a windchill of -6 and see how long she lasts.

  9. Nicole coming from an actual student from the schools in Southern New England, I dont care if you waited when it was cold, because the temperatures will be in the negatives with the wind chills. Does frostbite mean anything? Think about the childs safety before you post about how the school made the wrong choice.

  10. They thought it would be too cold for students to wait for the bus. Little do they realize that school is the warmest place to be for many of our state’s poorest students. Also, talk about inconvenience for all the working parents out there.

    Next time, wait for the snow to make the decision and don’t claim it’s too cold for kids at the bus stop. Trust me, I grew up in Northern New England and faced many a cold morning waiting for the bus. It’s hardly anything kids can’t deal with.

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