Athena 1/ Kraken 0

Ferry Athena Turns out Rhode Island had a part to play in yesterday’s dramatic events in the Hudson River. According to the ProJo the Block Island ferry, the Athena, rescued 19 mortals including the uber-cool pilot with the rich-guy sitcom name of Chesley B. Sullenberger III.

In the summer, the Athena ferries vacationers between Narragansett and Block Island. Yesterday, the high-speed ferry rescued passengers from the US Airways jetliner that crash-landed into the Hudson River. . .

. . . The ferry reached the plane within minutes.

Kudos to Captain Carl Lucas and the crew of the Athena. More on Sully after jump.

(Additional Note: Captain Carl appeared and spoke on ‘The NBC Nightly News’. Very cool. He’s at about 1:31.)

There is a saying in aviation — when flying commercially, always look for a new plane with an old pilot.  Well, here’s your guy right here.  There is a ‘Fans of Sully’ site on Facebook already.  He’s so cute.


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