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eric smith Look who’s on Page Two of the Providence Journal! That’s our own Eric Smith (in a different picture we can’t use.) Rick Massimo has a piece about the intersection of music, politics, and the Dose this past year. DJs spin every night in the Tap Room of Local 121, and on Tuesdays it’s always the Cold War DJs featuring Eric, Pete Lima, and Kevin F. Leavitt. Tuesday nights have been significant this past year.

“I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays and politics,” Smith says, but in addition to Election Night, the Rhode Island primary and some of the bigger debates of the primary and general-election seasons happened on Tuesdays.

And now Smith, who also is a cofounder of the Web site Providence Daily Dose, and his co-DJ, Pete Lima, are anchoring the Inauguration Jubilation at 121, a day-long celebration of Barack Obama’s ascent to the presidency. . .

. . .He says he’s not sure inauguration night will be as big a deal as Election Night. In November, though the result was forecast for weeks, there was still enough early anxiety that people had a lot of steam to blow off when Obama was named the winner.

“By the end of the night,” he says, “it was the most crowded I had ever seen 121. And people were dancing on tables, on benches.”

Smith says that a crowd that shares a political party makes for a more cohesive, well, party…

You better believe it. We will have more later about Tuesday’s festivities.

(I need to mention that Mr. Massimo also mentions that Eric is in the band, Th’ Mericans [sic]. Wrong! Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. This is in no way Mr. Massimo’s fault as the members of the band can’t even agree on the spelling.)

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  1. Okay, so it can either be all caps, or all lower case. That settles it.

  2. ok beth – here it is, right from the source : as far as i am concerned, our band is spelled THE ‘MERICANS or the ‘mericans – although massimo’s variation isn’t bad – better than some of the crackpot names erroneously assigned to my old band Purple Ivy Shadows over the years : Purple IV Shadows (unintentional drug reference?) and Purple Eye Shadow . . .

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