Meanwhile, On The West Coast…

The people of Portland aren’t really paying attention to the inauguration, because their dreamy new mayor admitted to having sex with an eighteen-year old in 2005.  That’s right, a fully consenting adult male agreed to have sex with another fully consenting adult male four years ago (!!!!), and now people are calling for the mayor to be kicked out of office because Sam Adams (the mayor) didn’t want the whole world to know who he was sleeping with.

I’m opposed to people leaving office because they cheat on their spouses, and I’m opposed to people leaving office because they’re secretly gay, but since Adams is openly gay and not married then what the hell is the big deal, people?

The crazies are already coming out of the woodwork on this one.  In the Oregonian, Tom Kilian writes:

Adams is a predator, a manipulator, a con artist and a liar. How do we know the boy wasn’t 17 when the relationship started and then it becomes a criminal matter?

Here’s hoping that Adams stays in office for more than three weeks, and that people can finally get over the fact that the sex lives of their elected officials are not any of their damn business.

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  1. While in DC for the inauguration, I was staying at a friends place who happened to be hosting a staffer of Sam Adams and the host was a former staffer himself. It was interesting to watch the scandal break in real time with actual people who work(ed) closely with him. They were pissed because he heavily denied all relations with the dangerously close to under-age boy toy, before, during and after the election.

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