Slip-slidin’ Away

uncleared sidewalk Believe it or not we do have snow removal ordinances in this city.  Enforcement has always been a problem but Jef Nickerson over at the excellent Greater City: Providence reports that Boston has found a high-tech solution to issuing citations and collecting fines. In this time of shrinking revenues maybe someone over at City Hall should look into this.  Of course, mostly it’s about safe sidewalks. (Enjoy this color photograph of Providence in January.)

1 thought on “Slip-slidin’ Away”

  1. Especially irksome are the all the intersection where the cleared sidewalk dead-ends at a massive pile of snow-plowed hard ice/dirt.

    Before the city can start enforcing snow removal laws they should start clearing the sidewalks in front of bus stops and along public areas (hint, hint, Dexter Parade Ground).

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