Anti-Choice Rally On Smith Hill Today

Today Governor Carcieri spoke at an anti-abortion prayer rally, conveniently (for him) located in the rotunda of the State House.  Because, in case you didn’t know, anti-abortion activists have their rallies INSIDE THE STATE HOUSE.  With prayers and everything!

Paying no heed to women everywhere requesting that the governor keep his rosaries off their ovaries, Carcieri apologized for the absence of his Asian-fearing wife and congratulated the crowd on their thoughtfulness:

“You’re on the right side of this issue, you know that. There’s no debate on this issue,” he continued. “It’s pretty clear to me. It’s pretty clear to anybody who thinks about it very long.”

I think no further comment is necessary.

[via the ProJo]

4 thoughts on “Anti-Choice Rally On Smith Hill Today”

  1. I work near the Planned Parenthood on Point Street and live near a women’s center on Broad Street. I can’t escape those signs!!

  2. Those fucking creeps are the worst kind of slime EVER!!! Those giant signs with busted up fetus are the worst thing for me or my 2 young kids to have to look at.

    For the record I am ProCHoice, pro freedom and anti-cheap, shock value tacticts for any cause, including PETA and ALF.

    God damn those signs make me mad!

  3. just emailed the governor’s office to see if i could hold a pro-choice rally in the rotunda. let’s see if they get back to me…

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